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With sophisticated technology and equipment level, we build the first-rate pressure vessel manufacture base in China

As far as pressure equipment is concerned, Company has complete manufacture and detection equipment such as full automatic gas cutting machine for cutting carbon steel and stainless steel, various plasma cutting machine, automatic submerged-arc welding machine, automatic plasma welding machine for stainless steel, various SCR (silicon controlled rectifier), inverter arc welder, X-ray flaw detector for directional and panoramic exposure, ultrasonic detector and machining equipment like profiling, milling, planning, drilling,surface grinder and outside grinder.
The Group has mastered various coating technologies such as enamel coating, Teflon coating, titanium crystal nano coating, metallic and non-metallic temperature resistant and anticorrosion hygiene coating technologies and auxiliary equipment, which are applied to various pressure equipment for both internal and external surface treatment and corrosion resistance so that our customers could enjoy the economic profit resulting from high-end coating technology.

  • Modular drilling rig P-tank sy

  • Milk tanks

  • Chemical reactor tank

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